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Clamping - Fixturing & Workholding
Rowe Sales & Service is a DeStaCo XPress Distributor. Read on for details.

DE-STA-CO, the Original Red Handle clamp manufacturer, offers the broadest range of manual and pneumatic clamps in the industry. The most popular alternatives are featured here through a unique partnership with our distributor network that combines the best products with quality service, easy access, and fast delivery.
The DE-STA-CO XPRESS Program is now even larger and has been expanded to include:
• DE-STA-CO® Toggle Lock Plus – the innovative safety feature that prevents unintentional opening
• Stainless steel versions – for added performance in harsh environments
• Model 2002-U which provides greatrer safety and holding capacity than older models
• Accessoreis – Bonded Tip Neoprene Spindles
• Sensors – for pneumatic clamps

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